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Tell us your dates, destinations and interests, and we will do the rest. Your trip will be custom-designed for maximum enjoyment and minimum hassle.

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Arranging bookings and permits in Russia can be a challenge. Our consultants can easily and quickly arrange everything for you as you go – for a low fixed, per item, fee.

When-in-Russia Hotline

Confused, uncertain about something, or need a quick translation during your trip? Simply call, e-mail, or SMS - we are here for you from 9am to 9pm Moscow time.

Need a Russian Visa Invitation?

We will streamline the entire process - our trusted partner will take you swiftly through all the procedures.


Personalized Travel Plan

First 7 planned days (the minimum period) $99 Each additional
planned day - $15

Bookings and reservations

Per ticket or event (one ticket, one room, one permit, etc.) $7 Only available when booked with Travel Plan

While-in-Russia Hotline

First 7 planned days (the minimum period) $19 Each additional planned day - $1. Only available when booked with Travel Plan

Russian Visa

Depends upon options $30* *Our partners’ fee

How we work

Personalized Travel Plan

  • Complete the obligation-free form and send it to us. Give us as much information about your preferences as possible.
  • We will contact you within one business day (either by e-mail, Skype or phone) to get clarification on any points. This will take about 10 minutes.
  • Then we will get back to you with a fully-priced quote based on what you have requested. You will also receive a PayPal invoice (you may also pay with any credit card).
  • Once we receive your payment our consultant will contact you to finalize all the information we need. This may take up to 30 minutes.
  • Within 3 business days our consultant will draft your Personalized Travel Plan and then contact you (either by e-mail, Skype or phone) to refine it. We have allowed up to 3 half-hour sessions for this fine tuning.
  • You will receive your completed Personalized Travel Plan via e-mail.
How much time do you get from our Expert?

Our expert consultant will spend up to four hours working on your requirements. This is normally enough for a very detailed Personalized Travel Plan to be created. It covers unlimited back and forth e-mails, up to 3 fine tunings, and up to 2 hours of calls.

So what will you actually get?

You will receive a Personalized Travel Plan that is a well-written, carefully designed travel guide and itinerary. It will include detailed, relevant and entertaining information about places of interest, hotels, activities, local contacts and precise transportation options. Our unique differentiator is that we customize a travel plan according to your personal needs and requirements, and send it you as a PDF file.

Bookings and reservations

  • Once your Personalized Travel Plan has been finalized our consultant will work with you to book the tickets, hotels, permits, etc. that you have decided upon.
  • A separate invoice will be sent to you to cover the charges and our fees.
  • We will e-mail you pre-paid vouchers for every booking that we arrange, together with a booking summary for your reference.

While-in-Russia Hotline

  • If you have selected this option, you will receive a dedicated hotline phone number and e-mail address.
  • Just give us a call (or e-mail or SMS) if you need assistance with a problem, are unsure about your options, or just need something translated.
  • We are available to help by phone or SMS from 9AM to 9PM Moscow time.
  • We will answer e-mails within 2 hours between 9AM to 9PM Moscow time.
  • The package includes unlimited e-mail/SMS answers, and up to 2 hours of calls during a standard 7-day trip package.

Visa Support

  • If needed, we can connect you with our partner who will arrange and issue tourist visa invitations.
  • Our partner will assist with the entire process.
  • When you receive the invitation, you can apply for a visa at any Russian embassy in your home country.
Why use us?

It is important to understand that many things cannot be booked online in Russia, so we personally contact locations, together with organizers or agents of events that you have requested, and make bookings for you. It takes time and we are happy to do it for you.
Please note that Bookings and Hotline options are only available with a Personalized Travel Plan.

Featured Destinations

Lake Baikal

Baikal region is a great ecotourism destination. Enjoy fishing, hot springs, Shamanism and Buddhism culture.

Golden Ring

Ancient towns around Moscow are called "open air museums". Explore unique examples of 12th to 18th century architecture.


The land of fire and ice. Climb volcanos, photograph brown bears, and enjoy exciting hikes.

Saint Peterburg

One of the world’s most beautiful cities. Enjoy wild nightlife, an extraordinary history and rich cultural traditions.

RussiaWeknow.com is a service that provides intelligence to make your independent trip better.

No need to check opening times, study sights, search for hotels or transportation options. Tell us as much as you can about your planned trip – activities, destinations, preferences, number of people travelling, etc. and RussiaWeknow will create an original guide that serves as the passport to your destinations, written by experts with local knowledge.

We are travel consultants, not a travel agency, so you don’t need to book your trip through us. Our main product is our knowledge based on our own experience and information we gather working on Russia online travel guide (AkuAku.ru). Our goal is not to sell you a packaged trip, but to help you plan and organize a unique journey based on your interests and budget. However, if you prefer to have us do your booking, we can quote a competitively priced package through one of our associated travel agencies.

Do you have questions or need support?
Please contact us at info@akuaku.ru

While our main focus is writing custom itineraries for your trip, we realize that smaller questions pop up along the way. We're here to help. Thanks to our travel partner network across Russia, RussiaWeKnow is uniquely positioned to unearth tips, tricks and insights to make your journey better.

We request that you kindly ask one question at a time, as this is a complimentary service.

AkuAku.ru and RussiaWeKnow.com team

RussiaWeKnow.com was created by a group of Russia travel enthusiasts passionate about informed independent travel.


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